Australian Legal Dictionary

bksThe Australian legal dictionary is excellent for looking up law terms, court decisions, or bibliographical information. The dictionary contains legal terms that are found in American and English legal dictionaries, but is geared toward Australian law. All the terms and definitions are presented in an Australian context and supported by the legislative and judicial branches of Australia.

This resource is comprehensive because it has explanations of rules and principles of law, definitions of conventions treaties and international law terms. Old English legal terms and translations of Latin words and phrases assist in the understanding of older commentaries and cases. The Australian legal dictionary also contains descriptions of landmark decisions made by the High Court of Australia and bibliographical information of significant legal figures.

The Australian legal dictionary features a text of definitions, a table of abbreviations, and a table of law reports. This dictionary also features popular Australian case names, Australian Prime Ministers, justices of the High Court of Australia, regional years of English Sovereigns, and the commonwealth constitution.

The features, the format, and the Australian context and the support of the legislative and judicial branches of the Australian government gives the Australian legal dictionary the accuracy to be useful to beginning law students as well as seasoned lawyers. The historical information presented in the constitution, cases, and important people makes this dictionary a good resource for historical information. The biographical information about important legal figures is useful for researching people and their contributions to Australian law.

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